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    Download 88 free LinnDrum samples by Sharooz


    Sharooz, an UK-based electronic music artist, DJ and producer – has announced us about the release of a free sample pack featuring a sampled LinnDrum vintage drum machine.

    The freebie contains 88 drum samples including some snares, toms, congas and hihats variations, as well as a bass drum, crash, sidestick, clap, cowbell, tambourine and cabasa sample.

    The story behind this package is captivating. The samples were recorded from a LinnDrum drum machine, which apparently used to belong to music producer Mark Ronson. LinnDrum (often erroneously called the LM-2) it’s one of the first sample based drum machines ever made.

    Sharooz told us that next he sampled the sounds through a Linn 9000 sampler/sequencer/drum machine (which is even rarer). The Linn 9000 has “pedigree” too, it was bought off Trevor Jackson recently and needed a severe overhaul before it could work.

    Sharooz is the founder of Sample Magic and he has remixed a wide range of artists including Moby and Robyn, so expect some high quality samples.

    The download size is 8MB, when extracted, the pack weighs in at 14MB. All the audio material is delivered in 24-bit WAV format and royalty free.


    88 free LinnDrum samples by Sharooz

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