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    53 free percussion loops released by Gercek Dorman (African, Arabic, Turkish and Indian)


    Turkish music producer/ drummer/ percussion player Gercek Dorman has announced the release of a free collection of ethnic percussion loops.

    The loops are recorded live with a various set of ethnic percussion instruments such as Darbuka, Djembe (rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum), Dholak, Sagat (small metallic cymbals used in belly dancing), Doyra (Uzbek frame drum), Tabla, Udu and other percussion instruments from Northern Africa, Middle Eastern, ex-Soviet Turk/Arabic states and India.

    Being performed live, these loops are perfect to add a dose of authenticity in your music projects. For example, you can use them in urban projects, hip hop, pop, but also blend them in house grooves, enrich percussion tracks and much more. The 80 to 120 BPM range allows all those mentioned.

    Listen below the loops, to make an idea about the quality and authenticity, which, in my opinion are super great:

    The loops are available to download on Soundcloud, you will have to pick them one by one (they aren’t packed). Follow the link at the bottom of this article, then, in the playlist select the loop you like and click the “Download” button under the waveform.

    Please keep in mind that you will have to follow Gercek Dorman on Soundcloud (so an account is required). (Only) at the first loop you select for download, you will be asked to login with your Soundcloud account. In other words, the download goes through a fan gate, but I am sure you’re already familiar with this kind of promotion.


    53 free percussion loops by Gercek Dorman

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