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    100 free EDM snare samples released by Paree Katti


    Paree Katti has announced the release of a new set of 100 free EDM snare samples in 24-bit WAV format.

    The 100 free snares are designed mainly for electronic music productions, but, according to its author, will fit well in dubstep, electronica, minimal, experimental dance and other similar genres.

    As the source for these samples were used a series of free virtual instruments and effects, including (as main sound generator) CBW01 drum sound generator designed by Saltine for musicsociety.de. Then, the effects used are MeldaProduction MFreeware Bundle, Sanford Reverb, TAL Effects Bundle, Audio Assault Transient or Audio Damage FuzzPlus3 – to name few of them.

    Paree Katti is an old acquaintance of ours, he is the author of Experimental Drums I wrote about a few months ago. Experimental Drums is a sample-based instrument ROMpler with 7 kits and basic controls. It has versions for both Windows and Mac operating systems, in 32- and 64-bit plugin formats.

    Back to the current 100 free EDM snare samples, they’re 100% royalty free and available for instant download (5.88MB).

    More info:

    100 free EDM snare samples by Paree Katti

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