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    Free Panagement FE spatialization multi-effect plugin by Auburn Sounds


    Panagement FE by Auburn Sounds is a free spatialization multi-effect that is at its core a binaural panner combined with a distance fader.

    The news is not quite so new, but this plugin deserves all the attention, especially as the free version, which I present here today, wasn’t mentioned by freeware blogs when it first emerged (at the end on June).

    “FE” from Panagement FE means “Free Edition”, and is a stripped down version of a Panagement EE (Enterprise Edition). Albeit the free edition comes without the Mono-to-Stereo, Tilt Filter, Phasescope and LFO modules, the unlocked Distance and Binaural Pan units make the plugin fun to use and 100% usable.

    Video demo:

    More precisely, we have at our disposal the distance fader, which brings a track nearer or further, the stereo width control up to 200%, the panner positions that track binaurally from left to right, plus head delay and spectral pan knobs.

    The commercial edition which costs €29, brings a mono-to-stereo unit which enlarges a thin track & simulates early reflections and a tilt filter to adjusts spectral balance between lows and highs.
    Further, the phasescope control which displays mono compatibility visually, plus a LFO perfect to create periodic or even random moves.

    Panagement FE can be used in the mixing phase, it helps you “sit” (with fantastic results) the instruments in the stereo space.

    Panagement FE is available for instant download at Auburn Sounds (download size 6.2MB – ZIP contains the 32- & 64-bit Windows VST and 64-bit VST/AU Mac OS X versions).

    More info:

    Free Panagement FE spatialization multi-effect plugin

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