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    Free Audified STA Delay plugin at AskAudio


    AskAudio have partnered with Audified to offer STA Delay summing tube processing delay plugin for free.

    The guys at AskAudio bought a commercial extended license, and starting from now, they will distribute it for free exclusively via their website. But if you want (and have the money), you can still buy STA Delay at Audified, it costs $49. Just sayin’.

    If you’re broke, just click the link at the bottom of this article, then copy the code at AskAudio, and get it for free at Audified. Of course, I could paste the code here for all, but this would mean to bypass the AskAudio website, and I don’t work this way. Also, keep in mind that with the free plugin, you agree to subscribe to AskAudio’s newsletter (they send it weekly).

    As all Audified plugins, STA Delay has a great sound and the delay is a very flexible, making it an interesting plugin perfect to add character to your productions. It is a classic effect creating delayed repetitions of the incoming signal. But in addition, it offers the same 5 types of valve saturation as all the STA Effects series do.

    The plugin is available for Mac & Windows in AAX, AU and VST.

    More info:

    Free Audified STA Delay plugin at AskAudio

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