Anwida Soft releases free DX Reverb Light 3.0 effect plugin

Anwida Soft has releases the version 3.0 of its free DX Reverb Light, a plugin for Windows and Mac OS X.

From the product page: “The DX Reverb Light offers astonishing quality and extreme flexibility, allowing you to simulate from small rooms with sudden attacks and coloration characteristic of small spaces to large natural-sounding spaces with spread attack and build of a concert hall.”

The new DX Reverb Light free reverb plugin is now available in 64-bit versions for Mac and Windows (VST & AU). Also it comes preloaded with 23 high quality factory presets.


  • true stereo reverbs that will not affect stereo imaging
  • 64bit internal precision
  • 24bit/96Khz audio support
  • highly optimized DSP code
  • ultra clean and noiseless processing
  • factory presets
  • built-in preset manager*
  • facility for manual insertion of value of control parameters
  • parameter automation (depending on host application)
  • stereo output (mono->stereo, stereo->stereo)

DX Reverb Light 3.0 is available for instant download at Anwida Soft.

More info:

Free DX Reverb Light 3.0 effect plugin

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