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    Fait Clic releases free FC Reverb and SDD-320_V Chorus effect plugins


    Fait Clic has announced the release of two freebies – FC Reverb and SDD-320_V Chorus effect plugins.

    FC Reverb module is a 32- and 64-bit VST reverb plugin for Windows in VST2 (.dll) and VST3 (.vst3) formats. You can use the pre delay, decay, damping, bandwidth and wet/dry rotary buttons to set up parameters as you want. It comes without any presets, but you won’t get in any trouble, given that is a really simple plugin.

    FC SDD-320_V Chorus module is an emulation of Roland SDD-320 DimensionD chorus hardware unit. Same as the reverb, is delivered in both 32- and 64-bit versions for Windows only (VST2/VST3). It sports a simple interface with 4 chorus modes and off selectors, plus bypass.

    In order to download FC Reverb and SDD-320_V Chorus effect plugins, add them to cart, then at checkout complete the required fields. A valid email address is required. Note: you will have to set a price for FC Reverb right before adding it to cart (minimum price is 0,00).

    More info:

    Free FC Reverb effect plugin
    Free SDD-320_V Chorus effect plugin

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