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    Adam Monroe Music releases free Tremolo effect plugin


    Adam Monroe Music has announced the release of Adam Monroe’s Tremolo, a free VST/AU effect plugin for Windows and OS X.

    Conceived as a companion piece to Adam Monroe’s Mark 73, the plugin features standard amplitude modulation (tremolo) as well as stereo panning, with the ability to control both speed and depth of the individual oscillators.

    A mix knob allows the user to control the dry/wet mix, and selectable sample rates double as an extra parameter, increasing or decreasing the speed of modulation, depending on the sample rate used.

    Video demo:


    • Amplitude tremolo
    • Stereo panner
    • Dry/wet mix
    • Easy sample rate selector

    Adam Monroe’s Tremolo is available for instant download (no registration required).

    More info:

    Free Adam Monroe’s Tremolo VST/AU effect plugin

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