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    Synth Punch releases free presets for Sytrus, Spire and Serum


    Synth Punch has announced the release of three new free soundbanks for Sytrus, Spire, respectively Serum.

    The announcement at KVR Forums:

    “Hello people.
    I Have made some patches for spire, serum and sytrus and will be giving them away for free :)

    • 33 patches for Spire
    • 89 patches for Sytrus
    • 70 patches for Serum

    Open the mystery box and see if you can find some inspiration.”

    See also: Reveal Sound releases 50 free Spire presets by Andi Vax

    There would not be much to add, the above description is even more elaborate than what we find on the site, actually there are only three pictures representing each bank of sounds separately. Click on the button below each, and you will be directed to Mediafire, where the files are hosted. Yet, I didn’t resist the temptation, and took a look at Sytrus soundbank, the one with 89 patches – which I have to say they sound very good. There are basses, synths, some flutes, pads, leads – bread and butter sounds.

    Synth Punch website is relatively new, maybe in the next future we will see more description of the sounds it contains. Until then, if you own one of those synths (or all) just take advantage of this offer, in the end the sound is what matters.

    The downloads don’t require registration.


    UPDATE: for the moment there are available only the presets for Sytrus, download them here

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