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    Review: Metro Grams Vol. 3 sample pack by Smokey Loops


    Metro Grams Vol. 3 is a new sample pack by Smokey Loops, shaped after the sound of modern Hip Hop and Trap – Future, Metro Boomin, and DJ Spinz, to name a few trending producers.

    The sound of Metro Grams Vol. 3 is dark and mellow, accompanied by bold and somehow aggressive beats. There is melody, usually subtle and intelligent, with smart progressions and variations.

    There is a road with two lanes. In the first lane (in-your-face), we got the rhythm, with sharp kick & melodic sub bass combo, “bap”-esque snares, plus twisted and syncopated hi-hats acting tumultuous along the beat. Second, it comes the melody & background, placed further back in a semicircle, like a bloomed cocoon surrounding the listener. The melody is dark, organic and sometimes scary. The pads are lush and persistent, putting pressure on the beat, and make you expect something to happen. Tension.

    Metro Grams Vol. 3 is for the most majestic productions, happily embracing Trap and Hip Hop with Ambient and Trip Hop. The sounds are precious, pretentious and premeditated. A dose of malice inside. Secrets.

    Audio demo:

    Content breakdown:

    • 5 construction kits:
      • SML_140bpm_01:
        • 1 FLP project with 10 WAV loops;
        • 11 MIDI files;
        • 12 WAV loops;
      • SML_122bpm_02:
        • 1 FLP project with 8 WAV loops;
        • 9 MIDI files;
        • 9 WAV loops;
      • SML_135bpm_03:
        • 1 FLP project with 12 WAV loops;
        • 12 MIDI files;
        • 12 WAV loops;
      • SML_125bpm_04:
        • 1 FLP project with 6 WAV loops;
        • 10 MIDI files;
        • 10 WAV loops;
      • SML_135bpm_05:
        • 1 FLP project with 9 WAV loops;
        • 8 MIDI files;
        • 9 WAV loops.

    All loops – supplied in WAV format, FLP’s (FL Studio project file) and MIDI files – are included for producers who like to tweak their mixes to perfection; ideal for creating new complimentary phrases and loops.

    In conclusion, I recommend Metro Grams Vol. 3 for all producers looking for high quality sounds and real inspiration. In particular, FL Studio users are treated with royalty free projects, ready to be used and abused. Further, the MIDI files give more flexibility, allowing you to express yourself. And the WAV loops are there when needed, ready to enrich your sound, or inspire you.

    Per total, a must-have for all producers (amateurs or advanced) in the zone of Trap and Hip Hop.

    More info:

    Metro Grams Vol. 3 sample pack by Smokey Loops

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