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    Mini909 free drum machine instrument plugin by Monade Sounds released


    Monade Sounds has announced the release of Pure909, a sample-based emulation of the legendary Roland TR-909.

    The 909 is an analog & partially sample based drum machine released in 1984 that was used by artists from different genres such as Aphex Twin, Boys Noize, Kanye West and Radiohead!

    At its core, Pure909 use a set of TR-909 samples recorded at 24 bit, 44.1 kHz. The samples have been compressed to FLAC and embedded in a VST/AU instrument plugin. The 909 was resampled through vintage samplers, computers and machines: Akai MPC60, an old PC computer, the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) & Sega Master System soundchips, various tube amplifiers and more.

    Pure909 costs $12 until July 1st, then the price goes up to $16.

    Audio demo:

    Monade Sounds has also released Mini909 – the cut down free version of Pure909. It features a complete TR-909 standard drum kit; parameters and controls found in the full version are missing.

    To get it for free simply enter 0 in the price field, but if you want you can make a donation. Keep in mind that by downloading this Mini909 you’re subscribing to Monade Sounds’ newsletter.

    More info:

    Mini909 free drum machine instrument plugin

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