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    Get 1.8GB of free premium ambisonics sound effects by A Sound Effect (limited time offer)


    A Sound Effect is giving away a collection of 30 free ambisonics sound effects (over 1.8GB or 50+ minutes long).

    Here is the official announcement:

    “With the growing need for 3D audio source material for immersive audio experiences and virtual reality, interest in 360-degree ambisonics recordings is booming. Ambisonics recordings offer a huge level of control for 3D surround sound, and can be rendered as regular stereo files too. Want to try ambisonics for yourself? You’re in luck:

    To celebrate the addition of 11 new ambisonics sound effects libraries on A Sound Effect (bringing the total to 26 ambisonics SFX libraries), we’re kicking off a special giveaway where you get 1.8 GB of ambisonic recordings from Spheric Collection, absolutely free. That’s 30 individual recordings, getting you more than 50 minutes of premium sound effects total!”

    The giveaway ends July 4th. In order to download the freebie, a valid email address is required.

    More info:

    1.8GB of free premium ambisonics sound effects

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