Function Loops has announced the launch of Music Production: Pro Secrets & Tricks, a course for all producers of EDM.

Pro Secrets and Tricks from Function Loops Academy delivers in-depth electronic music production course about building a track from scratch. Covering every part of the process: Kick, Percussion, Bass, Chords, Melody, Pluck and most important – final Mix.

You will learn about everything: EQ, Reverb, Delay, Compression, Sidechain, Sound Design, Grooves & Rhythms, Music Theory, Notes & Keys, Virtual Instruments, various Effects and a bunch of tricks and pro-tips, that every producer needs to know. That’s the difference between successful producers and the ones who struggle.

Video trailer:

Music Production: Pro Secrets & Tricks is now available at a launch price of $29.90. To make an idea about the video course, you can watch three videos for free, covering Kick, Chords and Bass.

More info:

Music Production: Pro Secrets & Tricks course by Function Loops

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