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    Free Influential Kit Lite sample pack by ThePhonoLoop released


    ThePhonoLoop has announced the release of Influential Kit Lite, a free drum kit for hip hop music productions.

    Here’s the story about the pack, told by the author himself:

    The idea of this kit was born in early 2015 when I decided to create some really dope drum samples for myself. I wanted to have something good enough so I don’t have to shift thru tons of drums, mess with advanced layering or have to put effects on my samples right after loading them into sampler just to make it sound good every time I want to lay down some drums.

    To be honest, there’s a lot of drum samples which sound excellent right out of the box, but most of them are focused more on modern sound which is great (and I’m often in need of those kind of sounds) but for me, there’s nothing better than good quality, juicy, old school sounding drums with a (little) modern twist. And that’s how I began creating my own library of hip hop drums.

    Influential Kit is a mixture of samples which I’ve created for myself and samples created strictly for this library – it’s a quite big collection (500 drum samples) of dark, warm and noisy / dirty samples aimed for hip-hop producers. It’s all original material (all source material for this pack was recorded or synthesized by me), you won’t find here any reused samples from other kits available on the internet.

    Audio demo:

    The free version Influential Kit Lite contains 50 samples taken from the full version. The 50 samples are split into 7 kicks, 11 snares (5 stacked snares, 1 snare roll, 5 acoustic snares), 2 claps, 9 hats, 3 cymbals and 18 percs (1 bongos, 3 FXs, 3 ethnic samples, 5 misc samples, 2 shakers, 2 tambs, 2 udu samples).

    All audio material is original and 100% royalty free. Free Influential Kit Lite sample pack is available in two formats, WAV 24-bit (23MB), WAV 16-bit (15MB).

    More info:

    Free Influential Kit Lite sample pack by ThePhonoLoop

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