Matthieu Brucher has announced the release of its ATKTransientShaper, a new free plugin for both Windows and Mac OS X (10.11).

The Free ATKTransientShaper is a mono transient shaper plugin with the following parameters:

  • RMS is the size of the power power windows.
  • Attack is the attack time constant for the slow attack/release filter.
  • Attack fraction (or ratio) is the percentage of the attack time constant that will be used for the fast attack/release filter.
  • Release is the release time constraint for the fast attack/release filter (as the release time has to be higher).
  • Release fraction (or ratio) is the percentage of the release time constant that will be used for the slow attack/release filter (as it has a faster release time constant).
  • Threshold.
  • Slope is the ratio, 1 being the identity, higher than 1 compressing the transient, less than 1 swelling it.
  • Softness is an indicator of the harshness of the knee of the underlying compressor.
  • Color is an indicator of the color around the threshold: positive increases the gain around it, negative decreases it.
  • Quality is the amount of color.
  • Make-up is the gain after the effect.
  • Dry-wet gives the balance between the unprocessed signal and the processed signal.

ATKTransientShaper is now available for instant download (no need for registration). If you like the plugin, you can donate any amount to the author.

More info:

Free ATKTransientShaper 1.0.0 plugin by Matthieu Brucher

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