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    Audio Animals sets free 12 sample packs (WAV & Kontakt)!


    Audio Animals have announced us that they just released 12 sample packs free to download directly from their sample pack home page at www.aasamples.co.uk.

    A number of these sample packs were previously paid sample packs in Audio Animals’ old sample catalogue. Instead of dropping them on the release of their new sample catalogue, AAS have decided to release them free. All sample packs include both 24-bit 44,100kHz WAV files as well as a custom Kontakt sampler.

    See below the list of all 12 free sample packs and Kontakt patches:

    • Template 1 is a blank custom Kontakt sampler that includes AAS libary of 128 unique impulse responses. This sampler is included in all their free sample packs. Template 1 also includes an ADSR, EQ, compressor, distortion, bit crusher and stereo widener. Within the sampler is also a switch that switches samples from forward to reverse.
    • Moog Voyager Sub Bass / Moog Voyager 808 Bass was AAS’ top selling sample packs and most renowned for it’s powerful sound. Described by many as being the perfect analogue sub bass. We can’t stress enough how important this sample pack is for electronic producers to download.
    • Moog Voyager Fx Zaps is a collection of FX zaps recorded using AAS’ Moog Voyager RME (expanded). Reversing the samples often turns them into very fun fx sweeps and risers.
    • Moog Minitaur Bass is classic moog minitaur bass tone. Both plucked and sustained hits are supplied in the download.
    • Distorted Piano is a recording of Audio Animals studio piano mixed with a Moog Voyager bass tone and Arturia minibrute crunchy top layer.
    • Beatbox is a collection of beatbox hit performed by Philipic. Great for using as textured organic layers for drums. One sample in particular, one of the snares is great as a punchy snare layer.
    • Electric Guitar is a collection of guitar hits including 24 chords, 24 stacato, 24 mutes and 24 sustained hits. A Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar was used for this sample pack.
    • Kitchen is a very unique collection of kitchen hits, including pots, pans, backing trays and other kitchen related items. Audio Animals use these samples a lot as textured layers underneath drum hits. Another great use for these samples is to pitch them down and also reverse them to create unique sweeps into a drop.
    • Korg MS-20 Fx is a collection of FX hits created using a Korg MS-20. This sample pack includes one of my favourite fx zaps. You may recognise it from a certain popular gameshow.
    • Mc Vocals is a collection of vocal hits designed for use in electronic tracks. Very electronic music oriented phrases.
    • Percussion is a collection of percussion hits including congas, bongos, cabasas, tambourines and many more. A great starter pack of live percussion sounds.
    • Vox is a collection of spoken words including the full alphabet from A to Z, as well as numbers from 0 to 10 and popular genres.

    How to download the packs: visit www.aasamples.co.uk and click the desired sample pack image. The sample pack will instantly download. No sign up or registration is required.

    Demo video:

    Visit and download:

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