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    100 free Jungle Terror samples by Pon Noodles released


    Pon Noodles has announced the release of Pon Noodles Jungle Sample Pack Vol. 1, a collection of 100 free Jungle Terror samples.

    Jungle Terror is originated from Dutch House music, and follows a similar format, but with much more aggressive melodies. Its main characteristics are the tribal-like sounds that are related (you guessed) to the jungle. Besides the intense drum and percussions rhythms, you will hear animal roars, ambient sounds, found sounds and various chops.

    Pon Noodles’ free Jungle Terror samples are created exactly according to the pattern above. There are 30 animal sounds, 30 percussions, 22 sound effects, 10 shots, 5 chants and 3 kicks.

    Audio demo:

    All the samples included are 100% royalty free. If you want more, I recommend you This is Jungle Terror! sample pack by Function Loops – one of the first ever Jungle Terror sample pack, packed with over 260 files.

    In order to download Pon Noodles Jungle Sample Pack Vol. 1, you will have to connect with your Soundcloud account and follow the required steps.

    More info & download link:

    100 free Jungle Terror WAV samples by Pon Noodles

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      • It is free/pay with Soundcloud follow.
        Just click “Buy” at the Soundcloud track and you will be redirected to Toneden. There you will have to follow Pon Noodles’ Soundcloud page, in order to unlock the download.

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