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    Review: Pulse Live Percussion Samples by ModeAudio


    In this review, I will take a look at ModeAudio’s Pulse, a new collection of live percussion samples.

    The sample pack is featuring royalty-free energetic & bold percussion samples suitable for any music genre. From ModeAudio’s demo, I see it sits well in ambient, glich, experimental music; but with its organic and textured feel, it is also perfect for hip hop, pop, minimal, EDM, percussive music – and the list could go on and on.

    Audio demo:

    Pulse is for both mainstream and indie creations. The samples are provided in two versions, clean and saturated – letting you to experiment with various tones, timbres and textures. Its content is varied, being a journey through all tonalities: sharp melodic bells, mid-low djembes, pumping kicks, miscellaneous found percussions, and much more. See below an in-depth presentation of the pack.

    Content breakdown:

    • 53 bells
    • 40 djembes
    • 53 glockenspiels
    • 85 kicks
    • 42 miscellaneous percs
    • 42 shakers
    • 105 snares

    Please note each folder contains the samples clean and saturated (50/50 ratio). The saturated samples brings that “grit” needed to stand out; they sound vinyl-esque, warm, and somehow special. Perfect for modern music productions.

    For those conservatives (and not only), the clean versions are offering a lot of possibilities to obtain realistic and lively percussion. The samples put together in context, fit like a glove, resulting cohesive and compelling loops.

    Besides all this, the FL Studio version of Pulse comes with 12 DirectWave kits, a convenient way to have all samples ready for work. They are grouped depending on overall tone, features, and is the easiest way to create beats (pair the kits with a MIDI controller), without the need to match the sounds by yourself, since they are 420 samples in total.

    Pulse is highly recommended for all producers looking for realistic percussion samples, well recorded and versatile. With both clean and saturated versions, it becomes even more useful and perfect for a wide range of musical styles.

    Pulse is now available at ModeAudio; it costs $21.54, a fair price in my opinion. Furthermore, if you buy three different packs at ModeAudio, the cheapest one is free.

    More info:

    Pulse Live Percussion Samples by ModeAudio

    HighLife Samples

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