HY-Plugins releases HY-TP free tremolo/panner effect plugin

HY-Plugins has announced the release of HY-TP, a new free VST effect plugin.

HY-TP is a tremolo + panner combo, with a simple and intuitive interface. As a novelty in the family of effects at HY-Plugins, HY-TP sports a re-sizable user interface, which it might have some glitches, especially as it is still being tested. You can re-size its interface by pulling right-bottom corner. I tested it in FL Studio and it looks amazing and behave perfect.

Audio demos:

HY-TP consists of 5 main modules: Tremolo/Panner, LFO, LFO/EnvFollower > Rate/Depth, Filter, and Output. The Tremolo/Panner unit lets you choose the modulator’s waveform (sine-square), adjust the speed of modulator and sync it with BPM. Further, you can set the modulation depth, the level of wet signal, and the width of signal.

You can modulate mod rate and mod depth parameter by LFO and LFO/EnvFollower. Also, the filter unit consists of a one pole HP/LP filter for wet signal.

HY-TP free tremolo/panner effect plugin is now available for instant download at HY-Plugins (Windows, 32- and 64-bit). Download size is circa 1.5MB.

More info:

HY-TP free tremolo/panner effect plugin

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