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    Free Vocal King 2Knob plugin by J-Hud-Studio released


    J-Hud-Studio has announced the release of Vocal King 2Knob, a free vocal enhancer plugin for Windows.

    Vocal King 2Knob is a simplified version of Vocal King, a plugin we wrote about a week ago, and that had a huge success among our readers. So basically Vocal King 2Knob is a version of it with only two knobs. And then comes the question: why? Because “there are people who want a quick fix to mix vocals with an easy interface”. That says the author himself.

    And as is our duty to present all the news, let’s stop the chatter and get down to the specifications of this plugin. Vocal King 2Knob’s interface is simple with only 2 arrow knobs to turn. First, the “Pres Compressor”, adds compression to vocals. Second, the “DB output” which is recommended for a lower output level to match your instrumental (compression brings some gain). That’s all!

    Vocal King 2Knob is now available as freeware in VST 32-bit and 64-bit for Windows. Keep in mind the 64-bit version is not in stable mode (BETA version). Download size is around 6MB.

    More info:

    Free Vocal King 2Knob plugin by J-Hud-Studio

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