Function Loops have announced the launch of its Function Loops Academy, a portal where you will have the opportunity to learn from professionals: music production techniques, tips and tricks, music theory and much more.

Here’s what Function Loops say about the event:

“Finally, after loads of hard work, we are super excited to announce the official launch of Function Loops Academy. A new imprint with focus on education via professional videos and courses, all in one place you can trust.

In this FREE VIDEO we’ll talk about the most important part of any track – kick. Some seriously important tricks, techniques and in-depth secrets used by pros to make their kicks sound clean, correctly compressed and to work well with bass and other instruments in the mix.

We cover couple of techniques, so the video came out over 18 min, try to stick till the end, it’s worth it! Or watch it few times to understand better, this stuff is very important, if you really want to achieve pro sounding tracks.”

Here’s the first video, where you can see in detail how to properly equalize a kick drum, apply compression etc. Although the tutorial is made in Logic and uses FabFilter plugins, the techniques used can be applied with any equalizer and compressor loaded in FL Studio.

Function Loops Academy will be updated frequently, so don’t forget to bookmark it.


Function Loops Academy

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