Martin Lüders has updated his PG-8X – free virtual analog synthesizer, to version 2.0.

PG-8X is a plugin emulation of Roland JX-8P analog polysynth, and is officially launched after a beta stage.

The current 2.0 version brings a complete rewrite of the code in native C++ (using WDL-OL) and is now available as Windows and Mac OS X VST (32 and 64-bit). Also, it increases the polyphony up to 12 voices.

PG-8X has two DCO’s with saw, square, pulse and noise waveforms, and a 24dB/oct filter design. To fatten up the sound, a stereo chorus effect is included. As a highlight, you can import and export JX-8P SysEx data. MIDI controllers can be assigned by right-clicking on the slider.

PG-8X is now available for free on the Martin Lüders website; if you like the synth and find it useful, you can donate any amount. PG-8X is available as 32/64-bit VST plugin (Windows and Mac).

More info:

Free PG-8X version 2.0 plugin synthesizer by Martin Lüders

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