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    357 free hip hop drum loops by Permanent Beatz released


    Permanent Beatz has announced on their Soundcloud page the release of a new collection of free hip hop samples.

    Free Sample Pack No.6 is the pack is question, and is featuring a huge 1GB+ of sounds. Since our last meeting with Permanent Beatz, it seems we missed a lot of packs, considering that the last time, I wrote about volumes one and two. There were a lot of collections of interesting sounds, such as one containing 64MB of found percussions, Crimson Synth Pack with over 130 synth samples, and High Five which basically is a kit with everything you need to produce a track.

    Many interesting things, so I recommend you visit occasionally the Soundcloud page of Permanent Beatz. From what I understand, they publish a new set of sounds, once a week.

    Audio demo:

    The current freebie is filled with 357 drum loops, 4 MASCHINE groups/kits, 18 drum one-shots, plus the demo track. The loops are in the tempo range of 75 – 140 beats per minute. The download size of Free Sample Pack No.6 is 525MB compressed as ZIP file.

    In order to download it, you will have to connect with your Soundcloud account (download goes through Toneden fan gate).

    More info:

    357 free hip hop drum loops by Permanent Beatz

    HighLife Samples

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