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    Virharmonic releases Cello Freebie for UVI Workstation


    Virharmonic has announced the release of Cello Freebie, a new free sound library for UVI Workstation.

    In the history of Virharmonic’s free instruments, Cello Freebies is positioned second after Violin Freebie which was a big success in 2014-2015, and that I use regularly in almost every project that involves this kind of instruments. So, thank you Virharmonic, and be sure that I have Cello Freebie already installed at the time I am writing this article. And being an altruistic person, I thought to share it as usual…

    But enough chatter, back to Cello Freebie, as I mentioned before, it is powered by UVI Workstation, which is also available for free for both Windows and Mac users (download it here). Cello Freebie is a micro library “demonstrating the pristine and organic way Virharmonic sample strings”. This demonstration translates by all articulations that are chromatically sampled, and pizzicato & spiccato samples full of life. The pizzicato technique has 4 true round robins and 4 dynamic layers, while spiccato brings to the table a 16th note repetition with 4 true round robins.

    Audio demos:

    Cello Freebie weighs in 800MB (download size), and consists of 1,372+ unique samples recorded at a sample resolution of 96kHz/24-bit. The good news is that it doesn’t require an iLok licensing, so download it, move it into the regular UVI soundbanks folder (default for 64-bit version is C:\Program Files\UVISoundBanks), and you’re ready to go. Well, is not that simple, because up to the download phase, I forgot to mention that you need a Virharmonic account, but is not too much effort, considering that you get two free UVI libraries, and you’re prepared for what will follow.

    For those who have UVI Workstation already installed, be sure to update it, Cello Freebie works only with UVI Workstation 2.6.3 and above.

    More info:

    Cello Freebie for UVI Workstation

    HighLife Samples

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