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    Brandon Clark releases Starmap Vol.1 soundbank for Dune 2 (free/PWYW)


    Brandon Clark has released Starmap Vol.1, a new soundbank for Dune 2 softsynth distributed on Gumroad, through a pay-what-you-want system.

    Starmap Vol.1 is a Sci-Fi themed soundset for Dune 2 inspired by the idea of advanced space travel, in a time when humanity becomes so overpopulated, that finding a new habitable planet becomes essential.

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    Brandon Clark soundset focuses on complex atmospheres, layered drones, cinematic pads, ambient synths, and celestial keys. Starmap Vol.1 is the first part of a three part series in which each volume will focus on a different sound type. Vol.1 is centered around, but not limited to atmospheres.

    Audio demo:

    Starmap Vol.1 is available at Gumroad for $0 (free) or more (you name your price). It contains 64 patches, 18 custom wavetables, and requires version 2.501 for Windows and 2.502 for Mac.

    More info:

    Starmap Vol.1 soundbank for Dune 2

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