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    50% off Bounce compressor plugin by BeatSkillz via VSTBuzz!


    VSTBuzz has announced a mega saver deal on Bounce compressor plugin by BeatSkillz.

    Therefore, for 14 days, you can get a copy of the fantastic compressor plugin for only €43.99 (you save 50% off list price which is €87.99).

    Bounce is a feature rich compressor plugin, simple to use, but offering you a huge range of control over a range of controls. Unlike other compressors, Bounce isn’t just for electronic music, it is perfect on every type of instrument and every genre of music, adding anything from a little extra subtle punch to full on powerful thrust.

    Vintage Bus Compression Secrets with Bounce compressor:

    For beginners & intermediate level producers, Bounce offers a range of useful presets to apply to different elements (eg. 808, bus compression, guitar, toms etc.) as well as useful mastering presets like “Glue” and “Bus” presets. For more advanced users, it offers a huge range of control over all its features.

    Its very low on CPU usage, and can shape any sound without affecting its real character if that’s what you’re after.

    Bounce is available in VST/AU/AAX for Mac OSX/Win 32- & 64-bit (all options included).

    More info:

    50% off Bounce compressor plugin by BeatSkillz via VSTBuzz

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