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    TU-Berlin releases Synister free open source synthesizer instrument


    Nine students from Technische Universität Berlin have announced the release of Synister, a free open source synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

    Synister is a modern synthesizer with 3 oscillators, 3 envelopes, 3 LFO’s, 2 filters (which can be ladder, bandpass, highpass, or lowpass), 4 effects (delay, chorus, clipping, and low fidelity), and a step sequencer with up to 8 steps.

    The modulation has been made as easy as possible, so you can select the source and then regulate the amount. The oscillators and the filters element’s can be modulated by different MiDi’s CC and/or an LFO or Envelopes. For the LFO’s and Envelopes, the modulation can be only made by the MIDI’s CC.

    Here are the official video demos:

    Synister sports a modern looking GUI, scrollable, and split into six modules: the oscillators, envelopes, LFO’s, filters, FX and step sequencer. Each module has its own color, also the fonts and icons are bold, clear and modern, as well as the buttons and faders are well-chosen and intuitive.

    Having 3 oscillators and 2 filters, plus powerful modulation and a suite of effects, Synister is not a simple part-time experiment, but a powerful virtual synthesizer capable of a wide range of sounds. The developers added some presets, but I think they don’t make justice to the plugin. Try experimenting with different parameters, and you get some amazing leads, e-pianos and even pads.

    Synister is available as a free download via GitHub, along with the source code.

    More info:

    Synister free open source synthesizer instrument

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