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    Review: Soft Focus Future R&B Loops by ModeAudio


    Today I will take a look at Soft Focus, one of the recent sample packs released by the talented guys at ModeAudio.

    Soft Focus deals with Future R&B, a genre that has always put me in difficulty simply because I found it hard to identify in the context of the colorful current musical productions. But thanks to ModeAudio, now everything is more clear, and I begin to understand what it is about. Now, don’t think that I was totally lost regarding this style of music, I knew the main features, but I wasn’t decided on the little subtleties that define it: warm and abundant synths, huge kicks that support the entire track, rolling hi-hats and percussions, dreamy guitars and leads, and naive instrument emulations that make you think of the 80’s synthmania. These are shaping Soft Focus.

    Audio demo:

    Soft Focus means primarily loops, either WAV and MIDI’s, but also a handpicked set of one shot drum samples, plus, as ModeAudio has accustomed us, a folder full of synth & guitar tail samples. The loops are split into percussive 808 basslines, roomy drum loops & fills, authentic electric guitar riffs & rhythms, creative leads, arps, pads & chords, melodic keys and pianos, as well as some groovy percussions.

    Besides these beautifully crafted WAV loops, ModeAudio also gives you space to unfold, ie the MIDI files. They are key and tempo-labelled, and ready to be used and abused. Next, the one shots, which allow you to create your own drum beats: earth-shaking 808 kicks, perfectly tuned snares, and an army of piercing hi hats & percussions. And finally, the tail samples which are essential for a smooth and natural decay.

    Content breakdown:

    • 419 files in total:
      • 155 loops:
        • 22 bassline loops
        • 39 drum loops & drum fills
        • 16 electric guitar loops
        • 49 synth loops (leads, arps, pads & chords)
        • 11 keys & piano loops
        • 18 percussion loops
      • 67 one shot drum samples:
        • 14 kick samples
        • 15 clap & snare samples
        • 21 hi hat samples (open & closed)
        • 17 percussion samples
      • 70 synth & guitar tail samples
      • 127 MIDI loops

    Soft Focus is like a soft piece of bandage to dress all the wounds caused by some atrocities in the modern world of trap and undecided hip hop. But it also causes side effects, such as melody and inspiration. Highly recommended to all producers looking for high quality samples created by real musicians.

    Soft Focus costs now only $19.10 (regular $25.47) as part of the Easter Sale: 25% Off Everything campaign.

    More info:

    Soft Focus Future R&B Loops by ModeAudio

    HighLife Samples

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