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    Review: Glow soundset for AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 by Krezie Sounds


    Today I will review Glow by Dutch producer Krezie Sounds, a soundset for AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 softsynth.

    Made with passion to inspire you to create some great music!

    Glow is a soundset primarily designed for cinematic, atmospheric and ethereal music styles, but it can be easily used in “soft” music styles too, such as pop, hip hop, electro, EDM etc. Judging the collection of demos below, you will see that it is a flexible soundset, and the only limit is your imagination.

    Audio demos:

    Regarding the types of sounds contained, it comes well balanced, with a versatile collection in the series of “bread and butter” presets, but also experimental and more personal takes. Therefore, inside you will find arpeggios, basses, brasses, keyboards, synths, leads, pads, strings, but also some cool atmospheres, percussions and winds, which come complete in a well thought way this soundset.

    Glow offers a total of 80 presets, with both diversity and quality, making it an essential soundbank for all AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 owners. The majority of sounds have mod wheel assigned, giving more and more expression and feel.

    Content breakdown:

    • 7 arpeggios
    • 3 atmospheres
    • 9 strong basses
    • 4 brasses
    • 7 FX
    • 4 keys
    • 7 leads
    • 13 pads
    • 5 percussion sounds
    • 4 strings
    • 15 synth sounds
    • 2 wind instrument sounds

    My favorite sounds are the basses for their fullness and power, the FX for their surprising usability, the keys for their vintage warm feel, the pads for their lush spectrum, and the synths for their amazing variety and flavors.

    I love this soundset as it is a perfect complement to AAS Ultra Analog VA-2’s already installed factory sounds. It is offering a pleasant journey through the wonderful world of sound, and at the same time is showing the power and capability to surprise of a synthesizer which, in my opinion, is often underrated and unexplored.

    Glow is warm and personal. Yours.

    More info:

    Glow soundset for AAS Ultra Analog VA-2

    HighLife Samples

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