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    Free Bionic Supa Delay v1.1 VST effect plugin by The Interruptor released


    The Interruptor has announced the updated version (1.1) of its Bionic Supa Delay, a free delay effect plugin for Windows.

    Bionic Supa Delay is an improved version of the popular Bionic Delay, and it was developed in a joint effort with Dub producer Russ D (The Disciples) who proposed to include additional features which are helpful for live Dub mixes.

    Version 1.1 fixes some bugs (restores parameters also when GUI is closed at startup) and adds numeric display for FEEDBACK and DIRECT MIX.

    Video demo:

    Bionic Supa Delay consists of 5 main sections: delay, stereo, filter, pitch shift and reverb; each section can be disabled separately, and with routing options you can set up many different effects chains. Each control can be automated via MIDI controllers.

    Bionic Supa Delay free delay effect plugin is available for instant download. It runs natively on any VST compatible audio application under Windows 32-bit (jBridge is required for use in 64-bit DAW’s).

    More info:

    Free Bionic Supa Delay v1.1 VST effect plugin by The Interruptor

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