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    Digital Synsations for UVI Workstation is free through March 13th


    UVI is offering again Digital Synsations for free through March 13th, 2016 ($199 value).

    In the late 80’s and early 90’s the synthesizer landscape began to change. A new breed of keyboards began appearing in shops, records and on stage; matte black behemoths eschewing the familiar knob arrays for uniform clusters of discrete buttons and glowing green LCD screens.

    They signaled more than a shift in interaction with our musical counterparts‚ they ushered in the era of the digital synth.

    Audio demos:

    Digital Synsations consists of 4 instruments for UVI Workstation: DS77 inspired by Yamaha SY77, DS1 – Korg M1 clone, DSX inspired by Ensoniq VFX, and DS90s – UVI’s take of Roland D50.

    At a glance, Digital Synsations contains 10GB of samples (FLAC lossless encoding, was 23.5GB in WAV), 4 classic keyboards from the 90s, 501 presets, and a total of 18,988 samples.

    To benefit of this offer, simply go to uvi.net, add Digital Synsations to your cart, and enter the code FREEDS in the “Vouchers” field at checkout.

    More info:

    Digital Synsations for free through March 13th at UVI

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