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    Audified’s MultiDrive overdrive and distortion pedal emulation plugin free until March 31st


    The good guys at Audified have announced that they’re offering MultiDrive effect plugin ($19 value) for free until March 31st.

    MultiDrive is an overdrive and distortion pedal emulation plugin collection, and consists of eight of the most famous drive pedals and modeled circuits. The collection usually costs $19, but now is your chance to get this amazing bundle for free. The pedals are suitable for a wide range of applications, mainly on guitars – either plugins/ROMplers, loops or chained for recording (if you’re a guitarist), also for sound experiments on drums, pianos, almost anything you can imagine.

    The pedals run smooth in FL Studio, I’ve tested the 64-bit version of MultiDrive bundle, of course in FL Studio 64-bit. It opens as one pedal per window/instance, you can select the pedal of choice by browsing through next/previous preset arrows from FL wrapper, or using the drop-down menu directly from the plugin. The image above represents all eight pedals placed side by side. Just for the sake of presentation, I put them on the same mixer insert, through which I ran a guitar loop, and you can imagine the disaster that was heard in the speakers when I accidentally pressed the space bar. Obviously, I don’t recommend using them this way :)

    My favorites pedal emulations are Treble Booster for its dirty vintage feel, Over Drive for its realistic tone, and Metal Tone for the fantastic equalizer which amazingly allows you to shape/crush the sound.

    MultiDrive simulates the following (hardware) pedals: Brian May Booster, Dunlop MXR Distortion+, Pro Co RAT distortion, BOSS Overdrive OD-1, BOSS Super Overdrive SD-1, Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9, Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808, and BOSS Metal Zone MT-2. But MultiDrive is not officialy endorsed by the respective companies, as even the Audified team say, the pedal emulations are used solely to express the admiration and respect to these legends of audio industry. I would add that they do it well!

    To get the collection of pedals, first go to the presentation page and add it to cart, then checkout, fill in the form and use a valid email address. Because the activation code will be sent there. Return to presentation page and look for the blue download button in the left hand, immediately after “Technical specifications”. On next page, choose your platform and fill in with the serial number you received via email. It seems difficult, but it takes no longer than two minutes.

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    MultiDrive overdrive and distortion pedal emulation plugin

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