World Rabbit has announced the release of the free versions of its Poor Recorder Soprano and Poor Recorder Alto sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The sample libraries were created from sampled Yamaha YRS-37 III, Yamaha YRS-38B III, and Yamaha YRA-38B III recorders (blockflutes) played by high school students.

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The two freebies contain one NKI patch each – both legato playing technique versions, alongside some MIDI files. The full and commercial versions of Poor Recorder Soprano and Poor Recorder Alto are featuring three types of playing such as legato, trills, and a style similar to the one in which the player does not yet handle well the recorder.

Audio demos:

Free Poor Recorder Soprano and Poor Recorder Alto require the full version of Kontakt 5.5 and above (the free Kontakt Player is not supported). Download size is 75MB, respectively 84MB.

World Rabbit’s website is in Japanese, to download the freebies, just click the blue buttons there.

More info:

Free Poor Recorder Soprano and Alto for Kontakt

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