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    Vinyl free effect plugin by iZotope now 64-bit!


    iZotope just made an overhaul on its Vinyl – free effect plugin (Windows & Mac OS X) which adds the noises of a turntable in an audio material.

    Vinyl is now at its 15th anniversary, so finally, it is time for a major update, the long awaited 64-bit version!

    Vinyl is a plugin that lets you simulate the dust, scratches, and warp of a worn record and the electrical and mechanical noise of the turntable it’s on. It gives fresh recordings and instrument tracks that dirty & dusty feel of an earlier decade. It can be applied to any source audio to make it sound as if it’s being played from a record and dial in exactly the right character to suit your tune.

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    With Vinyl you can simulate the amount of warp, choose the year and the degree of wear of a record, as well as the amount of dust settled on its surface. For more realism, you can add some background mechanical noise, and simulate the sound of slowly stopping playback of a record, modulating both playback speed and frequency.

    Vinyl is available for free at iZotope. Add it to cart, checkout and create an account if you don’t have one yet. Or do it in any order you want, just do it.

    More info:

    Vinyl free effect plugin by iZotope

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