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    PKS1 free peak shaper VST effect plugin by J1000


    J1000 has announced the release of PKS1, a free peak shaper VST effect plugin for Windows (32-bit DAW’s).

    This simple peak shaper is perfect to shape your waveform as well as add a little compression. It has separate thresholds for positive and negative phase. Works in full range, low-pass or high-pass filtered mode, with three types of peak shaping curve. It has double waveform scope for dry and wet signals for easy comparison.

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    PKS1 sports a simple and modern GUI, with a well-chosen contrast. With the waveform window, you can see in real time how your tweaks affect the sound. It might seem intimidating at first glance, but you will notice over time that is a quite easy to use plugin, with its two thresholds which reduce the full dynamic range, by leveling the peaks in a loop, for example. Going further, use the plugin in its two filtered modes, isolate (press “Solo”) the lows, respectively highs, and make your own adjustments.

    PKS1 is perfect by its simplicity. I can see it in scenarios such as leveling and adjusting unpleasant frequencies of a loop, but also for mastering purposes – used subtly.

    PKS1 is available for free on J1000’s website, as usual, no registration required. Download size is 1.7MB compressed file (RAR). FL Studio users, simply extract the files and cut/paste them into your VST folder. It works without any problem on FL Studio 32-bit via jBridge.

    More info:

    PKS1 free peak shaper VST effect plugin by J1000

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