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    Free SM Drums deeply sampled kit for sforzando released (SFZ)


    Free SM Drums, one of the most deeply sampled kits in the world, it is now available for the free sfrozando SFZ player by Plogue.

    SM Drums is a partnership between drummer Scott McLean, and producers Tod Stillwell and Suleiman Ali. Their aim is to provide immaculately sampled collector drum kits mapped to various popular sampler formats, thus making realistic sampled drums available to all.

    Until this project to materialize, these samples were distributed in various forms on forums such as KVR Audio or Reaper.

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    Currently, SM Drums is a growing project, distributed in different versions, including a Kontakt library, kits for Reaper’s Reasamplomatic 5000, a non velocity instrument for the free TX16WX sampler, and an extensively sampled snare in WAV format. And finally, thanks to SFZ programming of D. Smolken, SM Drums has now an authorized SFZ version with custom GUI and controls for all the kit pieces/buses.

    SM Drums for sforzando is featuring 2.2 GB of multi-sampled collector’s drum kit insanity with many velocity layers and plenty of round robins.

    Download file includes the SFZ files, the GUI files, plus a manual and track templates for Reaper and FL Studio.

    If you don’t have sforzando SFZ player installed on your computer, you can downlaod it for free here.

    More info:

    Free SM Drums deeply sampled kit for sforzando (SFZ)

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