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    Balance Mastering intros free Flipside Soundsystem impulse responses


    Balance Mastering has announced the release of a free collection of impulse responses from a Flipside public address system.

    This comes after their previous Teufelsberg and Funktion One impulse response packs we presented on our website, and features another sound system.

    On first hearing a Flipside Soundsystem you think, ‘Why can’t all P.A. systems sound like this?’ We’ve heard Flipside setups in cavernous spaces with very little damping, yet they manage to sound focussed and weighty over a wide sweet spot area.

    Of note in particular, the top end extends upwards in a clear and natural way that you would normally associate with high quality studio speakers. We were fans of the systems before we got in touch with the Flipside crew and were really glad they were into the idea of doing an IR pack.

    Turns out apart from being super professional on the night, they’re down to earth guys too. We caught up with founder James Cooper for a few questions below and keep scrolling down for more download options and detailed instructions.

    These impulses responses can be used with a convolution plugin, for example Fruity Convolver which is included in FL Studio. A simple tutorial about how to use the impulses is available within the article at Balance Mastering.

    More info:

    Free Flipside Soundsystem impulse responses

    HighLife Samples

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