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    Bitsonic intros free Custom Reverb VST effect plugin


    Bitsonic has announced the release of Custom Reverb, a new free VST effect plugin for Windows.

    Custom Reverb was created in an effort to make the sound as close to real life as possible. Users can choose from a number of different options.


    • Original: Changes the volume of the original sign.
    • Reflection: Changes the volume of the early reflection. This function is especially useful if it’s used to higher the sense of space.
    • Reverb: Changes the volume of the traditional reverb.
    • Decay: This function changes the reverb’s decay and fade time.
    • Low cut: This filter cuts the deep range’s volume to fit the user’s wishes. It’s recommended to use this function in most cases.
    • High cut: This filter cuts the high range’s volume. It’s not necessary to use it most of the time, but it’s recommended with longer decay values.
    • Width: Reverb can be changed into both stereo and mono.
    • Delay: This function delays the reverb compared to the original sign. If reflection delay function is on then the early reflection is delayed as well.
    • Gate button: When on, the reverb fades based on the gate’s settings. Useful for creating the pumping sound of drums.
    • Threshold: Belongs to the agate function. In dB this value starts the gate function.
    • Attack: A value in milliseconds, it sets when the gate is supposed to lower the volume.
    • Release: Sets the the gate’s lowering time.
    • HS Filter: When it’s on, the reverb’s high range can be raised or lowered on the graphic interface.

    If the content on the graphic interface starts to flicker, the volume is too high. It’s recommended to lower it.

    Video demo:

    Custom Reverb is available as VST plugin for Windows (32-bit DAW’s only/works with 64-bit via jBridge).

    It would be fantastic to know what differentiates the free version of the commercial version. Bitsonic’s marketing is annoying: on all forums they present the release as freebie, then when you land on their website, you notice that there’s also a commercial version to which is offered all the attention.

    Also we could easily live without the (completely useless) installer in which the reverb comes packed (similar to all their other plugins).

    But in the end, this plugin is quite good, if you manage to get over all the inconveniences caused by… logistics.

    More info:

    Free Custom Reverb VST effect plugin

    HighLife Samples

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