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    STC-3 free spatial expander by Raz Audio (VST)


    Raz Audio has announced the release of STC-3, a free stereo expander VST effects plugin for Windows

    STC-3 free spatial expander is a precision tool which lets you control the stereo width of any stereophonic content. For example, you can use it to expand the stereo field, or simply to narrow it to full mono. Some applications: make your pads wider and tighten the bass to mono.

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    Raz Audio tells that its STC-3 is designed for zero artifacts and natural sound, it can be used both on a single channel or on the bus processor, for mixing and mastering.

    STC-3 Spatial Expander comes with a manual (PDF file), available separately for download. It is offered as VST 32-bit effect plugin for Windows operating systems. It works on 64-bit DAW’s via jBridge.

    More info:

    STC-3 free spatial expander by Raz Audio (VST)

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