Verklagekasper has announced the updated version (1.3) of its Sonitarium, a free VST instrument for Windows.

The description of this plugin is as complicated as the name of developer: we find that “Sonitarium employs a variant of DSF synthesis with aliasing-free oscillators that generate a quadrature stereo signal”, and provides up to 200 oscillators per voice.

Namely Sonitarium, with its unusual engine, is most suitable for fat pads, drone sounds, and horror music – see the video below.

Video demo:

Sonitarium was made using Synthedit, but the sound engine isn’t based on native Synthedit modules, though, but newly coded in C++. As main features I would mention up to 200 oscillators per voice, freely selectable polyphony with up to 16 voices, MIDI control of all parameters (CC), and 92 presets.

The 1.3 update brings a new skin and adds 10 new presets. Also the plugin’s core was updated to Synthedit 1.1, and the maximum number of oscillators was increased from 100 to 200.

Sonitarium is a plugin for Windows 32-bit hosts; works on 64-bit DAW’s via jBridge. Download size is 2.6MB ZIP compressed.

More info:

Sonitarium v1.3 free VST instrument

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