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    Review: Ignition – FX Drum Samples by ModeAudio


    ModeAudio has announced the release of Ignition, a new collection of FX drum samples and percussions.

    If you are looking for “clean” samples, then this pack is not for you, because it is an experiment that tries (and succeeds) to combine the sounds of drums with different single instrument hits, resulting in drums with an obvious tone and melodicity. In general, this melodicity is subtle, but enough to set the line and mood of an entire track. See below what I mean.

    Audio demo:

    Ignition is meant to be loaded into a drum sampler/machine, naturally! linked with a MIDI controller. I think that’s the only way you could use everything it has to offer. The sound of Ignition is a blend of 70s funk chops with 90s trip hop and modern drums on steroids. But no chops inside, just original material, intentionally made to sound nostalgic, perhaps more likely to trip hop and ambient and downtempo. The technique used is layering and sound manipulation, an amalgamation of analog with digital, dry and wet, wide and tight. Great use of reverb here; a close, short and metallic reverb defines the entire sample pack.

    All the sounds are bathed in stereo and have space and body. Their variety is amazing, and if you are a craftsman in manipulating (and understanding) the sound, you can easily create songs only with this sample pack.

    Ignition contains 320 drum and percussion samples, each being a successful demonstration of sound design. Besides the samples, FL Studio users have access to 12 pre-made kits for DirectWave sampler, all containing assorted sounds, ready to be loaded for fast use.

    Content breakdown:

    • 80 Kick Samples
    • 56 Snare Samples
    • 70 Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
    • 40 Clap Samples
    • 20 Shaker Samples
    • 20 Percussion Samples
    • 16 Snare Rim Samples
    • 10 Crash Cymbal Samples
    • 8 Tom Samples
    • 12 DirectWave kits

    All in all, Ignition sample pack is unique because is trying to re-create in a way never seen before, the feel of trip hop beats of 90s. But all sounds are original and recorded with hardware, not extracted from copyrighted material, so sample clearance isn’t required.

    If you’re eager to bring a touch of 90s in your music without removing the strength of modern sound, then Ignition is for you. If you are willing to experiment with new sound, then again, this pack suits you.

    More info:

    Ignition – FX Drum Samples by ModeAudio

    HighLife Samples

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