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    MitiS releases free Sylenth1 presets for EDM


    Music producer MitiS has announced the release of a free patch bank for Sylenth1 virtual synthesizer by Lennar Digital.

    A bunch of free Sylenth 1 patches I made <3 Hope you enjoy. I mainly wanted to give these out because I'm tired of hearing producers use awful super saws and plucks - Especially in trap etc... Please learn from these and study what does what and why.

    Free MitiS Sylenth 1 Patch Bank contains 15 presets split into four folders: arps (4), basses (4), leads (3), and plucks (4). You will have to load each preset separately (one by one) into your Sylenth, but you can create a bank from these, for an easier handling.

    Audio demo:

    As you hear in the demo above, the sounds are well designed, clear and pleasant. Maybe they’re too mainstream and cheesy, but let’s face it, after all the experimental noises releases daily, a touch of melody is welcomed. With use of cutoff automation, you can achieve some organic and exciting hooks and riffs.

    So you understood that Free MitiS Sylenth 1 Patch Bank is primarily designed and suitable for EDM styles; that does’t mean you can’t use the sounds in pop, ambient, hip hop, and chillout too.

    The bad news is that to get these presets, you must have a Twitter account (you are asked to follow MitiS on Twitter). If you do not have an account, you must take my word and make one asap. It’s worth it.


    Free MitiS Sylenth 1 Patch Bank

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