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    FL Studio Tutorial – Sidechain Compression with Fruity Limiter


    We re-launched our Youtube channel – first tutorial is covering an aspect widely used in modern music production: sidechain compression.

    In this tutorial you will learn how to use sidechain compression to get that ducking effect we are familiar with, and to achieve this, we use Fruity Limiter. See the video below, where everything is explained.

    Video tutorial: Sidechain Compression with Fruity Limiter

    In the example above, the kick drum (or any other sample with punch and similar shape) creates a hole right through the melody/chords, the result being a clear mix, where every instrument has its distinct place. You can use this technique to basslines, synthlines, pads, chords etc, mainly for mixing purposes. But sidechain compression can be used also to create rhythmic loops, pumping effects and other experiments.

    The video description contains a link of the project file you see in tutorial. You can leave a comment below or on our Youtube, to tell what tutorials you want us to do next.

    Download the tutorial .flp project file here.

    Video tutorial:

    FL Studio Tutorial – Sidechain Compression with Fruity Limiter

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