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    32 free percussive Boomwhackers samples by Loops de la Creme


    Loops de la Creme has announced the release of 32 free percussive Boomwhackers samples, a collection of various hits and percussive sounds.

    The author used two Boomwhackers sets with the goal to create realistic and funky melodic instruments. At the end of the recording session, he also captured various hits and extra percussive sounds, by playing the Boomwhackers Sticks with brushes, hands and mallets, hitting them against the studio walls and floor, and beatboxing into them.

    This pack contains only a small selection of 32 of these raw percussive samples, such as snares, kicks and hi-hats substitutes, original percussions and punchy one-shots. Threre are also 3 tonal samples, which can be imported in a sampler and chromatically pitched to play melodies.

    All sounds were recorded with 6 different microphones including Beyer M88, Audix D4 and AT4022 pair. They’re mono WAV’s, 24bit/48kHz.

    The sample pack is available as donationware (pay what you want, no minimum required) – if you’re broke after the holidays, just enter “0” and get it for free. If not, enter any amount that you can afford, to support the author with further releases.

    More info:

    32 free percussive Boomwhackers samples by Loops de la Creme

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