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    Free Mogo VSTi hybrid synthesizer by WNP Sounds


    WNP Sounds has announced that its Mogo hybrid synthesizer for Windows, is now available for free.

    Mogo is a hybrid synthesizer instrument plugin built with SynthEdit, and was previously offered for a price of $19.99. Its main highlights are the three oscillators and the Special SS module where you can load your own samples (WAV format/ 15 samples already provided), as well as the two filter modules, and 3 adjustable equalizers.

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    Effect processors include a reverb and an analog delay, plus the switchable modulation which acts like a chorus/flanger. Besides these, you have two envelopes (amp and filter), a compressor unit and a master gain knob.

    Don’t be fooled by the cheap look and its ambiguous description on WNP Sounds, Mogo is a powerful virtual synthesizer capable of rich and full sounds, making it suitable for EDM styles – mainroom, complextro, future bass, progressive house, chillout and more. I’ve tested it, and although I admit I was a little suspicious at first, Mogo is usable and well thought out. The sound can be obtained by the combination of oscillators and WAV samples, then processed through an array of filters and effect processors. While some of the presets may sound unfinished, with few ADSR and effects tweaks, you will get the desired result. Speaking of presets, Mogo comes with 40, covering basses (some are excellent), synths and effects.

    With a modern interface, Mogo would have been more attractive, now when look is so important. If you can get over this, I highly recommend this little synthesizer, that besides all the above, it is perfect to learn how to make presets.

    Mogo is now available for free at WNP Sounds (Windows/ 32-bit VST; works on 64-bit FL Studio via jBridge). Download process is a little steep, you will have to add it to cart, then at checkout fill in some fields, but in the end, while playing with the synthesizer, all will be forgotten.

    More info:

    Free Mogo VSTi hybrid synthesizer by WNP Sounds

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