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    Free Mildon Strummer 3 virtual instrument


    Mildon has announced its virtual strumming instrument Mildon Strummer 3 now available for free.

    Mildon Strummer was first released in 2009 as a commercial product (the price was $49), but now, thanks to Mildon Plugin’s generosity, is re-released in a version 3 completely free. It is available only as 32-bit VST plugin for Windows operating systems.

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    Despite the fact that it works on/with sound material from other source(s), the free Mildon Strummer 3 loads in your DAW as an instrument, not effect. Mildon Strummer 3 is a strumming engine, so it has no built-in sounds, you will have to load a soundfont or connect a synthesizer, ROMpler or sampler, and all of these will be strummed like a stringed instrument. Strumming is a guitar playing technique, where a fingernail or plectrum brushes past several strings, in order to set them all into motion and thereby play a chord.

    While many plugins and soundware already have some form of strumming built-in, there are still hundreds of great-sounding guitar VSTi’s and soundfonts that don’t have this feature. Mildon Strummer 3 offers a more universal solution that can be used for a wide variety of samplers and virtual instruments. You can use dedicated strum and mute keys to play full-strum rhythms, or switch to Freestyle mode to play solo and some light strumming.

    A comprehensive manual where is clearly explained how to load soundfonts or set up the MIDI-strum feature, as well as tips how to use the plugin, is included with the download. The download size is 17.4MB compressed.

    More info:

    Free Mildon Strummer 3 strumming VSTi

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