The Transmission free Dune 2 soundbank by CHE

Sound designer and producer Che has announced the release of The Transmission, a new free Dune 2 soundbank.

Dune 2 is a successful follow-up to the original softsynth, being rewritten from scratch, in order to provide a yet higher sound quality and allow for an even wider range of sounds. Che took advantage of the new oscillators, new filters, new effects and graphical envelopes, and came up with this soundbank of 122 presets.

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The Transmission free Dune 2 soundbank is designed with modern dance music in mind, and consists of 30 leads, 20 pads, 37 arps, 23 sequences and 12 FX. All the presets can be used commercially.

If you own Synapse Audio Dune 2 synthesizer, you might be interested in this. The Transmission is now available for instant download at Patcharena (1MB download size compressed as ZIP).

More info:

The Transmission free soundbank for Dune 2

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