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    Weresax free SFZ instrument by Karoryfer Samples


    Weresax by Karoryfer Samples is an experimental SFZ virtual instrument born from the imaginary relationship between a saxophone and accordion.

    We say imaginary relationship, because the poor saxophone had no chance to meet its half, instead it suffered some mutations, its sound becoming accordionesque. Its godfather explains: “we thought that as long as we’ve got all these (saxophone) notes sampled, and we’ve got them looped for infinite sustain, why not layer them together and see if we can make them sound like an accordion. After all, accordions, like saxes and harmonicas, use vibrating reeds to produce sound.”

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    Weresax is not meant as a realistic accordion, instead is an unique instrument, a saxophone (unsuccessfully) turned into an accordion, the result being a polyphonic subtractive synthesizer with up to five unison voices, AHDSR envelope, vibrato, resonant highpass filter and a resonant lowpass filter with envelope and LFO. Not to mention that it’s capable of organic variations of many classic synthesizer sounds. And even has a legend behind, a little gloomy, but pretty funny. Like the demo track below…

    Audio demo:

    The free SFZ instrument features three patches: Sax- the untouched alto saxophone samples, Saxcordion which is the transgender and Sxnth, a synthesizer created from the samples.

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    Weresax has an advanced controls page
    Weresax has an advanced controls page

    Weresax contains a total of 256 24-bit WAV samples (two velocity layers and two round robins), three SFZ instrument mappings, a custom GUI, and 20 presets. The download size is 188MB compressed.

    Plogue sforzando version 1.845 or newer is required for Weresax (you can download sforzando here).

    More info:

    Weresax free SFZ instrument by Karoryfer Samples[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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