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    Waves announces free plugin this Black Friday


    Here comes that time of year when the surprises are revealed one after another, and usually, Waves starts the holiday madness, while Native Instruments closes it.

    Like every year, the secretive people at Waves won’t let escape any information about the freebie, so we limit ourselves to make assumptions. Is a compressor, or a distortion unit, who knows? Or another plugin in the One Knob series offered free for a limited time period?

    Last year, we had the chance to grab One Knob Pumper, a new addition to Waves’ One Knob series. One Knob Pumper simulates the effect of sidechain compression, and it is understandable that was a big hit. It was released on Black Friday along with the traditional sale.

    We currently have two informations: a free plugin and its launch date- November 27. But the big question remains: what is it? Until the big launch, don’t forget to subscribe at Waves Audio, to be notified when the free plugin is available.

    More info:

    Black Friday Free Waves Plugin

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