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    Free only today: Tube Virtualiser effect plugin by Bitsonic


    Almost an hour ago, Bitsonic has announced that its Tube Virtualiser effect plugin for Windows is available for free today only.

    According to its developer, Tube Virtualiser brings the analog sound into your digital system and fattens your music. In few words, is an effect plugin who gets your mix files to the highest possible quality and volume. To achieve these, it uses a special algorithm which brings out deep frequencies without any distortion.

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    Taking inspiration from analogue technologies, when the distortion is impossible to avoid, Tube Virtualiser makes the sound affable to human hearing. The author recommends producers do not put the VST effect plugin at the end of the effect chain, the last must always be a limiter.

    Tube Virtualiser 32-bit for Windows is now free for a limited time (only today). In order to download it, after you click “Full version download” button at its product page, you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked for name and email address. Next, a new page with the link will open; you will have to copy paste the download link into your browser. Download size is 2.4MB ZIP.

    The plugin comes in a single .dll file, no installer.

    More info:

    Tube Virtualiser effect plugin by Bitsonic

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